Real Estate Valuation

Province specializes in valuation and consulting services for the healthcare and senior housing industry. Property types include the following

  • Active Adult
  • Independent Living
  • Group Homes
  • Assisted Living
  • Skilled Nursing Homes
  • CCRCs
  • Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers
  • Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Neurobehavioral Centers
  • Acute-Care Hospitals

Our specialty, along with our expert TEAM of analysts, provides our clients with quality reports and services that is otherwise not available within the industry. This knowledge base provides national expertise in all aspects of senior housing and healthcare.

and SBA Valuations

Typical clients for valuation services include Banks, USDA, HUD and SBA. Our services follow the guidelines of FIRREA (Financial Institutions Reform, Recovers & Enforcement Act) and USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Practice). In addition, market valuations and market feasibility studies follow guidelines associated with Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation), FNMAE (Federal National Mortgage Association) and HUD – MAP (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development).

Eminent Domain /
Partial Takings

Province’s experience owning and operating healthcare facilities provides our TEAM with the up-to-date costs of running a business. Our experience provides the required tools to adequately assess the business loss associated with Eminent Domain and/or Partial Takings.

Asset and Cost Valuations

Valuations associated with segregation, purchase price allocations and other ancillary services include:

  • Cost Segregation Analysis
  • Valuations associated with Asset Management
  • Review of Valuations provided by Others
  • Fairness Opinions

Partial Interest Valuations

Estate Valuations

Tax Appeal Valuations

Province provides partial interest valuations that include Family Trusts, General and Limited Partnerships and Stock Ownership (shares of stock). Province also provides valuations for privately held business interests (stock and partnership units, etc.), as well as partial interest in ownership to support claimes on estate or gift tax returns, as well as Tax Appeal Valuations. 

Asset and Cost Valuations

Province Consulting Group provides a wide range of services resulting from our expertise in the Healthcare and Senior Living Industry.  Expertise is also wrapped around our experience with ownership and management of healthcare operations, as well as the processing of Joint Commission applications, development of memory care and neurobehavioral programming including dual diagnosis (memory care and neurobehavioral services), as well as consulting services that include medical standards of care and regulatory expertise.

  • Market Feasibility and Financial Feasibility Studies (all aspects of senior housing and healthcare) including:
    • Assisted Living;
    • Skilled Nursing;
    • Acute-Care;
    • Psychiatric (neurobehavioral); and
    • Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation (In-Patient and Out-Patient)
  • Development Consulting (senior housing and healthcare)
  • Management and Programming Consulting (assisted living, neurobehavioral and skilled nursing);
  • Arbitration and Dispute Resolution;
  • Senior Housing and Healthcare Rent/Lease Analysis; and
  • Development Services for Mixed Use Property Analysis (PUD)

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