Senior Housing

A Market Study should be recognized as the key ingredient to any successful senior housing planning.  It is more than just pages of demographic tabulations.  A great part of its value is the understanding and interpretation of data, trends and markets that an experienced market analyst can visualize and express as his opinion.

Our clients come to us with all levels of experience, background, comprehension, and sophistication.  We try our best to adapt our responses to the needs of all our clients.

A Positive Market Study

  • Potential increase in value of building site
  • Location advantage or disadvantage
  • Marketing range
  • Number of potential residents in the market range
  • Estimated capturable number based on need, assets, and competition
  • Competitors share of the market, by type of need
  • Is there any new competition coming up?
  • Competitive market prices, services, room sizes,
    mix, and current demand
  • Size of building required
  • Ability to get builders estimate of building cost
  • Estimating borrowed funds needed
  • NOI (Net Operating Income) estimation
  • Absorption rate estimation

Assisted Living Market Report


In any report of this type, facts and figures do not tell the whole story but ultimately give support to the expert opinion of the surveyor. We will lead you step-by-step through the process.  Senior housing markets and consulting is our only focus. In our reports, we do not try to write a compendium of the history of the state you live in or include endless tables that no one looks at. Our reports are thorough, vital and to the point, and cover what a lender wants to know. The report is lender-ready and forms part of the loan application package.  In it, you have our opinion as the bottom-line.  Our rates are competitive. We welcome calls and emails.

Our Process, with today’s technology, enables us to research any potential site, its surrounding area and local state regulations and competition without leaving the comfort of our offices.  We do a lot of telephone interviews with great success in this process.  Did I mention we’ve been doing this for 25 years?