Project Funding Programs

Crossway Capital is not a funder (however, we do invest our own funds in smaller projects as Business Angels and  Private Equity Investors). Our funds come from established Alternative Capital Raising Programmes. We work directly with the  Funders to deliver these funding programmes to you. Our greatest asset is the trusted relationship that we have developed with these Funders as their Gate-Keepers. As such we must respect their well documented and established processes. These change at short notice, sometimes with no advance notice at all. Such is the dynamic nature of the Atlernative Capital Raising market.  We have decided not to publish any of their programme guides since it is no longer practical for us to keep track of the constant change in the numerous funding programmes from the many funders that we are directly accredited with.

In the normal banking world, a $100M capital raising exercise may take up to two years with no guarantee of success. Come to us with a conservative expectation and then be prepared to be surprised. Please ensure that your project remain viable and the business remain solvent during the funding process. Allow between 12 to  18 months to give yourself some breathing space in case of delays and unexpected issues.

Traditional 30-Year Term Loan 

A well established and reputable US based Lender that has been in operation for 40 years has over US $ 1 Trillion in cash that can be lent out immediately. These funds come from US based Pension funds and private sources.  Has loaned over $1B USD to several applicants including being 1 of 5 lenders for the New One World Trade Centre Project.

Funding Terms

  • 100% funding with no contribution needed from the borrower.
  • Funder does not require any equity.
  • Loan term up to 30 years at current interest rate of  3.5%.
  • Funder can make loan payments up to three years of the construction period, if needed.
  • Preferred amount – US $50 Million and above.
  • Borrower can be an individual, corporation, government, city or statutory body.
  • Can be used for new projects or to refinance an existing debt. There is no repayment holiday for a refinance.
  • All loans and all repayments are in USD.


  • Must have a Guarantor with a credit rating from Moody’s or S & P of ‘A’ or higher.
  •  An ‘A’ rated Guarantor with an executed Direct Pay Letter of Credit (DPLC) 
  • Guarantor can be a Sovereign government, City, State, Corporations or individuals.
  • A Borrower with the required credit rating can also be a guarantor of its own loan.
  • Must have a complete business plan, financials and shovel-ready project.
  • Locations must be in a country that has not been black-listed or under sanctions by the US.


  • Sign an NCNDA & fee agreement 
  • Submit the complete business plan & the written guarantee letter from the guarantor.
  • Upon approval, a conference call with the Loan Underwriter will be arranged. The Underwriter will explain the loan process directly to the client.
  • Depending on the speed of the due diligence and documentation and legal requirements, the loan can be disbursed  40 days after approval by the Underwriter.
  • The loan will be disbursed to the client’s bank via its correspondent bank in the US.
  • Note: There is no fee at the front end nor is there any other fee contribution besides the normal legal requirements.​

Leveraged JV Programs

There are specific funding programs for  clients that have access to seed capital of a few million dollars. Your  seed capital is protected and kept in a bank account under your own name, and controlled by you. 100% secure.  Your fund is then leveraged and entered into Private Small Caps trading program which can deliver multiple fold returns during each trading cycle, which can be anything from daily to every 14 days. Ask for details if you have access to and can show proof of funds of US $2.5 Million (program 1) and EUR 4 million (program 2).

Application Requirements

  • Shovel ready project.
  • Proof of funds in the form of a screen shot from your current bank statement
  • Business Plan and Executive Summary
  • Financial Forecasts – 3 to 5 years, based on month to month cash flow
  • Please allow for our 2%  Consultancy & Engagement fee in your capital requirement.
  • Able to pass a bankable compliance check.

Application Process

For the quickest response, please complete the online enquiry form with your details and we will send you the necessary forms to complete. Once you have completed those forms and send them to us, you will be introduced to the Intake Manager, with whom you will work directly as your transaction moves forward. This process is well-structured and rapid.​

 Bespoke Funding Programs (from $50M with no upper limit)

Working directly with a  group of  Bespoke Financing, Equity and Investment Specialists in UK, we can now offer a range of bespoke funding solutions. The solutions include the creation of a range of bespoke offerings meeting cash-flow, tax, profit, balance sheet, domicility and status needs.

  •  TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunications) equity & funding.
  • Equity and Debt investment for a range of TMT requirements from start-ups to established operations.
  • Traditional energy and renewable projects
  • Leisure and licensed trade assets
    Acquisition financing, refinancing and investment for mixed use, leisure and licensed assets, including portfolios and JVs, for both operating and new SPVs.
  • Unfunded Liability (defined benefits) pension capital solutions
The Process*
  • Client submits the loan application using our online application, must attach the Executive Summary.
  • We will ask for specific information if we decided to present it to our Investors.
  • Allow for 5% as Private Placement Fees in your capital requirements. We will be paid directly by the Funder.​
  • LOI from Funder within  90 days
  • Funds released to project within 60 to 90 days, maximum 120 days after issuance of LOI. 

*Please ALLOW BETWEEN 6 to 9 MONTHS from submission of loan application to first draw down.  Different funders/Investors have different process & timelines, thus we are working on the conservative side.                        

Asset Based Securitisation (from $100M up to $200M)

Working directly with a boutique Capital Markets firm based in Malta, we are now able to offer Asset Based Securitization as the main strategy for raising capital for the following projects:

  • Infrastructure projects
  • Waste Recycling projects
  • Renewable energy
  • ‘A’ or  ‘B’ grade commercial building
  • Hotel  Operators that want to  take  an asset off their balance sheet

This is an ideal solution for companies that want to take out one or more of their assets off their balance sheet.

The asset must be a revenue producing asset
There is a need for either cash or pledge of asset of between 5% to 20% of the capital requirements.

Note: This is definitely NOT a solution for an entity with no other  ongoing revenue stream or  other asset. For the quickest response, please complete the online enquiry form with your details. Please attached your executive summary.

PPP (Private Placement Program)

The placement of private funds into a private trade program. The profits can be used to provide funding for projects in any sector or for further wealth creation. Under current regulations it is not necessary to show a project to enter a PPP.  It is accepted by the trading groups that, should you enter a program, your profits will be recycled into further wealth creation.  For those in the know and want more information, please click here for Crossway’s Guide